About Downstream Dialogue

Today’s environmental and social challenges require more than technical fixes; good governance is widely recognized as essential to sustainable and inclusive development across all sectors.

Downstream Dialogue is about bringing governance challenges to the forefront, and shedding light on the abundance of institutional, legal and political arrangements that exist to help communities manage and share natural resources. It is equally about identifying the institutional conditions that constrain sustainable development, and working with stakeholders to design credible governance structures that compensate for – not reinforce – the inherently human limitation to plan for the long term.

Land and water institutions have not kept pace with the growing intensity of development, nor the proliferation of technological and scientific advances. More adaptive and collaborative institutions are needed to respond effectively to natural resource scarcity and to leverage market opportunities.

Downstream Dialogue offers bespoke consulting services to public and private sector clients, with a focus on freshwater governance institutions in both urban and rural settings. We offer rigorous, empirically-based analysis using only the most authoritative data. Whether a white paper, research product, communications strategy or diagnostic assessment is what you are after, we can guarantee concise, high quality deliverables, with the possibility of leveraging expertise from a growing network of sustainable development professionals.